The rise of the Digital Influencers

As the world moves to more online measures, the marketing sphere must find new ways to connect with consumers.
And so the ‘Digital Influencer” was born.
Social Media Sites
The term digital influencer refers to an individual who has a significant social media following, that is able to influence and guide their followers in a variety of fields such as fashion, lifestyle and travel.
Harper Bazar interviewed Danielle Berstein who revealed just how lucrative the digital influencer market is.
“Industry estimates say brands spend more than a $1 billion per year on sponsored Instagram posts.”
While the market for digital influencers is vast, it is also important for these individuals to make sure that their relationships are in line with the company values. 
There are a number of companies who send out products  with the hope that bloggers or influencers will post photos of their wares, however a number these transactions are now brokered through agencies and tend to look towards more mid to long term projects.
As marketers, developing relationships with influencers can be very profitable for the company. But it is important to make sure their values are in line with the brand values and that the relationship is mutually beneficial.
Who would you choose to become a digital influencer for your brand?

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