Mobile Matters

Social Media apps
Online shopping is a dangerous world. It starts off as an innocent look between classes and before you know it, you’ve spent the entire class and your weekly pay check on something you probably don’t need.
Retail is rapidly changing both online and offline, with shoppers using social media more than ever before making a purchase.
Essential Retail reports that on average, women require two ‘likes’ on social media, and men need four ‘likes’ before committing to buy.
Gaining approval from friends and acquaintances is nothing new when making purchases, however the rise of social media it is much faster and easier to gain instant gratification.
Platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram are leading the way as photosharing applications, as consumers can use this to seek inspiration before purchase and share their products after buying.
This change in shopping habits is best found in the increased amount of time spent in store. Typically shopping in stores averages around 16 minutes, however this number doubles to 31 minutes when seeking approval from friends, online.
Do you post online before purchasing? Does this have an impact on your purchasing decision?

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