Started from the bottom (now measure we’re here)

It’s all good and well to have a fantastic and all inclusive digital/social media marketing plan, but if you can’t conclusively measure it, how do you know it’s worked?
Measurement and evaluation are one of the key aspects to any campaign (as my uni lecturers continuously tell me) so here are some great apps and websites to help you along the way
Facebook Insights
An obvious one to use, for the most popular social media platform in the world, however many are not aware of its full capabilities.
Not only can you differentiate between “engaged” users and those who have just scrolled past your post in their timeline, you can also view specifics such as page visits, and what the visitor looked at specifically.
If used correctly, Facebook Insights is a great tool to find out specific information about your target audience, and how best to use your marketing plan to engage with them
Google Analytics 
If you’re like many small businesses/people in Australia, you probably run your website through WordPress or a similar platform. The upshot of this, is the great analytics you have access to.
Some of the tools include
  • Average session duraiton
  • New vs returning visitors
  • Page views
  • Geographical information
  • Type of access (Mobile/desktop etc)
This style of information is particularly useful when discerning the target segments of your audience. Using geographical and access data which can help to determine what kind go content is most suited to various access points (i.e. is your website mobile friendly?) and what content is most suited. It can also help to determine what content has been the most successful and engaging by measuring the number of ‘clicks’ before and after.
Twitter Analytics
Only established in the last year, Twitter’s built in analytics are a blessing for any organisation. Twitter differentiates itself from other analytic platforms by focusing on the followers of accounts, and account specifics, with a possibility of paid functionality which gives further insights into click throughs and app information.
One of the most useful functions is the ‘Top Follower’ which gives information about specific followers of the account, and other information about the demographics and interests of the follower base 
Measuring and evaluating your online data is a crucial part of any marketing plan, how else do you measure your online success?

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